About Crystals


Three ways of choosing crystals are as follows:


You may be drawn to a particular crystal through your intuitive linking with your Higher Self.  If the crystal is right for you it will resonate with your own personal vibrations and on an unconscious level and you will recognize this.


The hands can be rubbed together activating the palm chakras to enable the chi energy to flow and then the crystals can be scanned.  Some people have a particular sensing hand which can be right or left or it can be either hand.  Sensing the energy of the crystal can be felt as heat, cold, tingling or just a shift in consciousness where you ‘know’ that a crystal is right.


A cleansed pendulum is used which has been charged by the individual.  It is important to be in a quiet place away from electrical devices and to be centred and grounded.  The pendulum is then asked to show which way it will swing for a positive response and which way for a negative one.  Crystals can then be dowsed to choose for yourself or for another person.  It is important to ground and centre to ensure that questions answered by the pendulum are coming from the Divine Core.  It is also important to ask a question that can be answered directly by ‘yes’ or ‘no’.



Deep Cleansing

Crystals are placed in spring water with a small amount of rock salt for 24 to 48 hours.  A smudge stick can also be used which uses four herbs, sage, sweetgrass, cedar or lavender.  Alternatively, the crystals can be smudged with frankincence grains on charcoal.  The charcoal is placed on a heatproof dish or burner, a teaspoonful of frankincence granules are placed on the charcoal and left to burn.  Deep cleansing can also be achieved by burying the crystal in the earth and allowing it to rest and be recharged by the earth energy.  The crystal can be left buried for a few days to a year, depending upon its need.


Lighter Cleansing

The crystals can be placed under running water and white light can be visualized running through it or all the negativity being washed away.  If the crystals have just been used in a healing it is best to let them rest for a little before doing this.  After holding them under running water, the crystals are then visualized with all the negativity leaving them and placed on a cluster overnight.  The cluster itself will then require cleansing.  The crystals may be placed in a natural running stream or in the sea, providing there is no pollution.  This is also why rock salt is used in preference to sea salt.



Some crystals cannot be placed in water so they can be cleansed by focused intention.  A golden bowl or chalice is visualized and the crystals are imagined to be placed in white transformative light within the container.  Another method is to visualize pure Universal Energy being pulled into the crown chakra and allowing this to move down through the brow, throat and heart centres; it is then felt to move down the arms through the hands into the crystal and it is asked that any negativity is released and cleansed.  Alternatively the Violet light is pulled in and it is asked for any negativity to be transmuted in the Violet flame.


Grounding and Centering

It is important to ground and centre before giving any crystal healing therapy as the healer needs to be both connected to their Earth Star, 2/3 feet below the soles of the feet, and their Soul Star, located above the head, in order to be in the ‘now’ to be sensitive to the energies around them, without taking on any negative energy themselves.  In this way the healer can be connected both to a Higher Source of Light Energy and can also allow any negative or excess energy to be safely grounded to the Earth.

Copyright Deborah Thorpe , Aurora Crystals and Art

Brandberg Amethyst Crystal

Brandberg is a mountain in the deserts of Namibia and only crystals that are actually from this area can claim the title. Crystals that look similar can be found from Madagascar but they cannot claim this name. The Brandberg mountains have long been a spiritual place to the local Damara people and I have always found these crystals to have a presence beyond their first appearance. They can be composed of clear Quartz, Amethyst and Smokey Quartz and carry the energy signature of all three. If you look down the crystal from the point the amethyst appears to become more vibrant. They can be colourless, yellow or grey.  Often they can be very clear pale Amethyst and contain water bubbles. I have found they can be an all round Healer, bringing together many facets of the healing that is needed. The water bubbles connect with our emotions, we can find transmutation of negative energies in the violet and even angelic connection and in my experience they are an excellent Crystal for meditation, taking you beyond this life and back to the point of your Divine Blueprint, aligning you with your soul’s purpose. They are also indicated when trying to retrieve a past life memory or imprint that is impacting on the present. A lovely crystal to own, each with their own special energy as no two are alike, but all containing the same energetic qualities. The darker purple crystals work more as a grounding and rescue crystal to help repair the energy field after illness and depletion and spiritual protection against negative energies.