Blue John Pendant



Blue John is a variety of fluorite/ fluorspar found only in one location which is near Castleton in Derbyshire. It is thought the name comes from ‘Blue-jaunne’ as the French Jewellers called it in the 19th century after the blue/yellow banding shown on some specimens. The Blue John is centred on the Treak Cliff Cavern and Blue John. There are many Blue John veins, but all is under the triangular Treak Cliff just outside Castleton. For example some veins can be dark Blues and purples, others yellow and blue-purples, some going into colourless with purple banding. All carry the same energy as a fluorite, cleansing, healing, giving direction to your thoughts, protecting you from electromagnetic smog. Blue John has a special energy which enhances the stone, a feeling that you not only have a deep earth connection, but also a spiritual sense of protection, initiating contact with your own individual sense of spiritual purpose. Wearing Blue John can feel very special and individual, can lift your spirits and help you to energise by cleansing your body of negative energy and supporting healing. It’s beauty reminds us of what we have lost sometimes when we become too divorced from our natural surroundings. A personal favourite from childhood.

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Weight 8.1 g
Dimensions 4.0 × 2.1 cm


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