Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal No.1


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Lemuria is said to be an ancient civilization where consciousness was much more centred on the emotional and spiritual dimensions – their deeper Heart connection enabled them to express their love for the Divine and each other and maintain a deeper connection to their environment, the creator and all the oneness of all that is.
The Lemurian seed crystals are said to be programmed to this consciousness and working them can help move strong energy blockages, particularly from personal experience in the emotional body, allowing us to become more heart-centred, helping to heal the wounds, chords and ties that bind us to others and also bring us back to balance.
They are mined at the top of a hill in Brazil that was being strip mined for quartz, found in sand, not naturally attached to clusters but separately as if seeded in the ground. Some have a pink or reddish glow, some are semi-opaque and greyish, some clear, but all have horizontal striations and are said to link into the lemurian consciousness. They are powerful tools for either meditation or in healing for taking through the energy bodies. They are said to link in with the magnetic field of the earth, the human magnetic field and the earth with the multi-dimensional universe – they help us to connect into how to help both ourselves and our world. They are I believe becoming very important tools.

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