Malachite pendant No.1


Top quality Malachite: a copper carbonate mineral, said to be one of the most important Crystals for protection from negative energies, also for creativity and confidence and for self-empowerment.

Malachite’s high copper content is reputed to help alleviate inflammation and be good for detoxification and other cleansing rituals, drawing out densities, impurities and attachments from the energy field.

Also said to be excellent for healing the heart chakra, bringing positive energies and helping one to avoid taking on the emotional baggage of others. It is said to help restore vitality after illness and rebuilding or repairing tissue after surgery.

It is said to assist grounding and to help one find one’s empowerment after enduring abusive situations and for overcoming fear, stimulating the Solar Plexus chakra but also healing the heart so that one can see the way forward, blocking negative psychic energies.

This Malachite shows beautiful patterns and each piece has been carefully chosen. it is said to be an excellent crystal for stimulating a positive energy force throughout the physical body.

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Weight 7.1 g
Dimensions 3.8 × 1.9 cm


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